About Our Company

Digital & Trusted Logistic Company

Alist Transport Logistics Inc, through its wholly-owned operating subsidiaries, is a global logistics and freight forwarding company providing a range of international logistics services that enable our customers to outsource to the Company sections of their supply chain process.

The services we provide are seamlessly managed by our network of trained employees and integrated information systems. We enable our customers to share data regarding their international vendors and purchase orders with us, execute the flow of goods and information under their operating instructions, provide visibility to the flow of goods from the factory to the distribution center or store and when required, update their inventory records.

Fast Worldwide Delivery

Alist Transport Logistics also offers a comprehensive range of International Services. Our expertise in Ocean Shipping ensures reliable and cost-effective transportation of goods across international waters. With our Brokerage Services, we facilitate the seamless clearance of customs and compliance requirements.

Safe And Secure Delivery

Alist Transport Logistics Inc Solutions excels in providing a wide range of Trucking Services to meet diverse transportation needs. Our offerings include Refrigerated Freight, which ensures the safe transport of temperature-sensitive goods, preserving their quality throughout the journey.